International Openings

1- Switzerland Student Visa

• 6 months assured internship is available. CHF 2150 x 6 months during internship.
• 6 month Accommodation and food (Break fast, Lunch and Dinner) is provided by school.
• IELTS is not mandatory
• Schengen Country, Can travel all Europe to search jobs.
• E-visa to only very few schools in Luzern canton.
• Free Airport pickup
• Free Laptop
• Free travel card ( 50% on Bus ,Tram ,Train, and Ship)
• Free travel after 7PM to morning 5AM entire Swiss and Liechtenstein for below 26 yrs students.
• Insurance coverage by school.
• Free German Language classes
• Uniform will be provided by the School
• Free Europe trip included in Course industrial trip.
• Get admission in 24 hours.

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Whether you accidentally spent your last rupees or dollar or you’re fed up with your current boss and need a breath of fresh, foreign air, working abroad is a great way to earn more than just money. The list of advantages is practically endless: broadened horizons, new skills, improved independence, new friendships (and business relations), a new language added to your repertoire, and a boost to take your career dreams to the next level. You’ll be having so much fun overcoming new challenges and tasting bizarre gelato flavours that your job abroad won’t even feel like work; rather, it will be like one crazy (paid!) adventure.


The world is a big place, and everything light touches is in your kingdom for potential jobs abroad. That’s even more overwhelming than chasing away a pack of slimy hyenas. How do you begin to zoom in on the global map until you find a place that you would like to temporarily call home? Start out with filling out this little questionnaire:

Familiar or Exotic? England or Azerbaijan? What about Japan? Some people feel more comfortable sticking with places that remind them of their current country: a similar culture, a connection to friends/family, and a taste of home. Others are drawn to the wildness and mystique of exotic locations for the very opposite reasons. Neither is right or wrong, just keep in mind that you will be there for a while, so try to pick a place that functions decently bureaucratically and provides you with a friendly work environment.

If the idea of picking up and moving to an entirely different universe seems daunting enough, it might be in your interest to at least keep conversations in a language that you understand. (This still leaves you with plenty of great options: Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc.). But, if you’re ready to rock in more than one language, focus in on a part of the world that speaks what you are learning (or would like to learn). German, Italian, Arabic, Swahili, Aymara, Archi? Take your pick, pack a multi-lingual dictionary, and hasta luego, baby!

To visa or not to visa? Most countries will not require a visa for short-term work, but if you plan to work or stay for more than a few months, a visa becomes essential. While a small, political slip of paper shouldn’t greatly affect your decision (where there’s a will, there’s a way), it’s not a bad idea to check out which countries you can stay in, for how long, doing what before setting your eyes on the prize.


Just as diverse as world locations are the types of jobs you can tackle abroad. Ultimately, you can do anything, so we recommend focusing on something you are genuinely interested in or that will prove beneficial for what you want to do later in life. Most of us still cannot answer the question that parents have been asking us since we were four (watcheye wanna do when you grow up, honey pie?), but that’s alright. Getting a job abroad doesn’t mean a lifelong commitment, and you don’t necessarily have to pave a way to your ultimate career. In fact, the global sphere makes for great experimental wiggle room.

If you aren’t sure what jobs are available abroad or you are just getting your career dreaming started, here are some of the most common jobs abroad for foreign workers:

English Teaching. The most common, sure-fire way to secure a job abroad is to teach English. Many teaching jobs abroad require teachers to have TEFL certification, but after the initial investment you’ll have a lifelong certificate and boundless opportunities.

Child Care. Au pairing has been used as the way to get out of the familiarities of home and into someone else’s way of life for centuries. Usually au pair placements are more short-term, but it remains an excellent way to get thrown head-first into a new culture, language, and location. While teaching the ABC’s to little kiddos, you can also network in the surrounding community and potentially find additional, future job opportunities.

Science & Healthcare. Whatever you are interested in doing back home is likely also possible abroad, so why not try it out? Does the mention of archaeology, chemistry, or nursing inspire warm and fuzzy feelings? If you studied a particular field, search for relevant jobs abroad in countries that interest you. Don’t underestimate yourself; even a high school degree is often more education than most people have in developing countries, so sell your skills.

Hospitality. From assisting front desks to creating culinary masterpieces, the hospitality sector provides a flexible option for those needing some quick cash. While common restaurant jobs (such as waitressing, hosting, cleaning) are easy to stumble upon in the streets, there are also several work abroad programs that can provide a secure seasonal or temporary job placement abroad. Bonuses of hospitality jobs abroad include working for a familiar (or American) company, while at the same time living abroad.


A good thing to keep in mind since Step 1: the biggest potential cost of your working abroad is the price of transportation to get there. Make sure you calculate transport costs into your budget, especially if you are thinking of a shorter placement, and look into what employers will cover this expense.

Salaries differ greatly for jobs abroad, just as they do for jobs at home, depending on the field, company, your experience, and the location of your job. Most jobs abroad will provide a salary; although, some work abroad programs merely offer food, accommodation, and a symbolic weekly salary in exchange for work.


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