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Jobs...Lives...and getting the right people in the right jobs.


Finding a job that is better, makes for better lives. That could mean signing-up for a role at a retail store closer to home versus the administrative job which is a long commute and which does not tap the job aspirant’s intrinsic skills.

The Employment marketplace for mid & lower level jobs does not enable good matching of job seekers and job requirements. This requires finding a combination of function, industry and role where the candidate’s skills are most relevant.

As India's No.1 Pre-Screening company, we believe limitation of current job sites are

Poor alignment or matching job seekers’ and employers’ seriousness, interest and suitability for jobs. Some jobs receive far too many applications and similarly some candidates may attract more employer attention

CVs are not a good tool to assess suitability. This does not provide ratings on key skills; details of responsibilities etc. Hence CVs are not really designed for quick screening of candidates from amongst large numbers

Application process to posted jobs leads to many irrelevant applications. Similarly, Search of candidates on a job portal may lead to spending far too much time on screening disinterested candidates


Jobs may only be aggregate from sources where the employer is not actively engaged or even looking for candidates……….